Learn magic.

Have fun.

Build confidence and performance skills.

Learn skills in the performance art of magic.

Through our classes and workshops participants will develop skills not only in magic but also performance, public speaking and interpersonal skills. Workshops are available for all ages. We specialise in workshops for young people through creating and encouraging an inclusive learning environment.






[ The Magic Workshop ]


 The Magic Workshop is customised to specific age groups. Perfect for beginners.

[ Private classes/Act Development ]


One on one teaching for those keen to hone skills, develop their own act or work towards a performance goal.

[ Gift Classes ]


Magic Classes make a wonderful gift for both beginners and those wanting to focus on specific skills.

 I took my 10 year old nephew to your workshop today and he (and I) absolutely loved it - your workshop was brilliant and very well done - we are hoping to be able to come to more of your workshops in the future